Operations and small business consulting for educators, creatives, and healers.

Educational, creative, and healing arts are about building communities. It’s about transforming lives and helping others flourish as a byproduct of learning. You probably do it because you love it. Translating that dream into a reality sometimes requires a little help. Operations and small business consulting should be focused on streamlining the needs of your business, so you can focus more on doing what you love.



You facilitate transformative experiences. Focus on that – I’ve got the rest.

With a special emphasis on continuing education for clinical behavioral health professionals, my goal is to help you build a scalable business you don’t have to think too much about. Whether that means navigating CE approval boards, launching distance learning programs, or just some assistance understanding the organizational structure of your project, a little help goes a long way. Let’s grow together.

Experienced in micro and small business operations, continuing education administration, distance learning, and production direction, I offer ongoing or project-based consulting to help launch, organize, or scale your next venture.



Having Mary Riley as a coach has improved my creative as well as technical writing tremendously.  Her unyielding attention to details has provided much needed insight.  She has a such an eloquent way of helping form thoughts by asking the right questions at exactly the right time to expand the narratives into completed ideas.  I have and continue to grow as a writer with her help, and am excited by her enthusiasm at where this will lead!  The highest recommendation for this talented woman.

Jennifer Harwood, LCSW, LCAC, LLC